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FC Barcelona (full name or nickname with the Futbol Club Barcelona Barça), football club in the city of Barcelona in the autonomous region of Catalonia in Spain. In 1899, led by Joan Gamper, Swiss, British, and it was founded by a group of Spanish. The motto of the club representing the Catalan region "Mes que un club" (More than a club) is a sentence. The Barça anthem, composed by Josep Maria Espinas Cant del Barça is.

Barcelona, ​​La Liga is one of the three clubs that fall from, are the most successful representatives of the Spanish football with Real Madrid. In 1928 the Spanish Professional Football League La Liga club, one of the founding members, has become the league's first champion in 1929. Spain in 24 La Liga titles, 27 Spanish Cups, 10 Spanish Super Cups, four Eva Duarte Cups and two League Cup winner has. Europe's most successful club is located between Barça's 12, including the European Cup, 16 are international trophy. [1] 5 Champions Leagues, 4 Cup Winners Cup, 3 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (today known as the Champions League), 5 UEFA 2 super Cup and Club world Cup is the possession of the museum. Since 1955, every year is to compete in the European arena.

6 tournament champion football team as it struggled in 2009 and achieved a first. Set in 2009, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, La Liga, Spain King's Cup, Spanish Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup has reached the championship. The Camp Nou stadium club and supporters called cules is the other name Ultras Barca. Spains current prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has .

An on-site reserve team, FC Barcelona (FC Barcelona B), and a young football team (FC Barcelona C) are also available. Additionally, the bench of professional basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey teams there.


That's all about Real Madrid:
Establishment: 1902
Nickname: Purple Violets

Spanish League success
Domestic honors (in parentheses indicate the deadline championship)
• League championships: 32 (2012)
• Spain Cup: 18 (2011)

• overlap between the dates 1905-1908 four Spanish King's Cup title winners Real Madrid, 1920 "Royal" was given the title and became known by the name of Real Madrid.
Real Madrid, in 1929, was among the founders of the Spanish League teams. As legend has Devika Spanish keeper Ricardo Zamora, he won the 1931-2 and 1932-33 championship.

• Match your playing at Real Madrid Chamartin Stadium, this stadium has a new state after the collapse of Spain in the Civil War. Board member Santiago Bernabéu led construction started in and started playing the game in the stadium opened in 1947. Legends, Alfredo di Stefano, Francisco Gento and Miguel Muñoz floor team Real Madrid, had dominated the European football.
• Purple Violets began to be organized for the first time won the Champion Clubs' Cup five years in a row from the first season. The series' last championship came in 1960, as well as Hungarian legend Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas staff also had. Spanish final played with the giant German team Eintracht Frankfurt won 7-1. Wing legend Gento in the team, the new star in the European Cup victory in 1966 with Amancio and Pirri'yl took part in the team again.

• The next storm blew in Madrid in the 1980s. Vultures Quintet called and Emilio in Butragueno led by Manolo Sanchis, Martin Vazquez, Michel and Miguel Pardeza'l Real Madrid won four championships in a row in the league in 1986-90 and at that time the archrival Cruyff'l has overshadowed the achievements of Barcelona. Madrid won the Champions League in 1997-98, the final match of Juventus only goal came when Predrag Mijatovic't. The next championship came in 1999-2000. Finals, who beat Valencia 3-0 Purple Violets, once again took the trophy museum.

• Real, 9 championship Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Zinedine Zinade'l staff at the 2001/02 was reached. In the final match played in Glasgow Zinedine Zidane who beat Bayer Leverkusen 2-1, he passed a goal in football history that Zidane said. 94 million euros Cristiano carries with Jose Mourinho Real won the league championship in 2012.




Galatasaray Sports Club in 1905

Galatasaray Sports Club, the pioneer of its kind in the history of Turkish sports that undoubtedly was born and became a pioneer from Galatasaray High School (School of sultanas) has taken. An inseparable bond between the club and the school, is an undeniable reality and source of pride.

In order to train statesman. school was founded in 1481 by Beyazit, takes its name from the region and the establishment of "Galata Palace" begins to be called. School on September 1, 1868 to the modern era of Sultan Abdulaziz regains position. School 's With the restructuring, Turkey would have started in the first sports training and physical education at school in the true sense of the gymnasts' Monsieur Curelea' by the subject of the training program. This breakthrough is really carry a revolution. Curelea, which operate with modern tools that students develop the sporting point of view, they arrange a workout Day Kagithane. Year 1870. Athletes who succeed in this activity to the students at the end of the various awards and medals are won and competition kuzulu rice is given. This also marked the beginning of another tradition in subsequent years.

After Curelea who took over the foreign sports instructors (M. Moiroux, Signor Martinetti, as Stangal), gymnastics and athletics, as well as leaning to the various branches (swimming, boating, fitness), they launched another first. In this study, the products will begin to be very soon, and the name of the Turkish Sports History in gold letters written Faik Üstünidman addition, Major Mazhar Gain, Abdurrahman and Ahmet Robenson brothers took part in gsl, scouting, tennis, the spread between the students of sports like hockey they provide. Especially with that Üstünidman the front foot, the students met with football. But I played football, resembles a mad rush to recognize and do not deviate from a blind martial rule. But football GSL's stepping Gate and the ceremony has evolved into a full pandemic.
In 1901, two British living in Istanbul, Lafontaine and Horace James Armitage, Greek and have established the Kadıköy Football Club, composed of British players, but the British team in 1903 formed the Fashion Club resigned in a dispute result. In 1904 these clubs, Imogen, Elpis, Strugglers'in agreement with the team, Istanbul Football Union have launched and today's Fenerbahce Sukru found at the Saracoglu Stadium "Union Club-Union Sports" have started to regularly encounter in the field. these teams are seen as foreign or minority team. this is the first football match on the part of non-Turkish team, GSL students concerns both very upset. Now their aim is to set up their own football club, the rules of the game they love death learned all of you and to compete with foreigners.

beat non-Turkish teams
Galatasaray Sports Club founder Ali Sami Yen, Fiftieth Anniversary explains the book The foundation story as follows: "1 Teşrin 1905 school in the fifth grade, our literature muallimi by a few friends head to head during the late Mehmet Ata brain lesson decision to establish a football club Galatasaray we gave. first entrepreneurs play and fight prone friends from Asim Tevfik Sonumut, Rashad Shirvani, Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu, Abidin Daver, Kamil ... were as teenagers. Mektepd the collection is located in the Bulgarian and Serbian students from the agile and strong ones that they have joining us. Asim bookkeeping, Cevdet have chosen the second chairmanship, I was myself Reis. as I had made himself an accountant for a penny toplamakd mahir from friends every week. I did not get to inflate Grease Vicarate ball. I look like my son to our ball. Already Varuna our intense we were top. while the School passes through the pig streets I'd get lard. ball with oils, I swell, I cut the patch from the new chocks. seeing friends, they gave me more than all piers. So then Vicarate and other pillars of the mission was the most runs wins. Cevdet also had Vicarate jerseys for the second wash.

Fussball-Club Bayern München E. V. or known by the name of Bayern Munich, Germany and is known as one of Europe's top 5 clubs. Clubs, represents the city of Munich in Bavaria, Germany depends on. Although Bayern Munich biggest success to a club operating in various sports have been obtained on the basis of football. Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga, the top league are located in Germany and this league is on record as the most winning team. Bayern Munich 24 times, finishing on top in the Bundesliga season break has signed a record difficult. Bayern Munich are also the only team in the joy of living on top of the Bundesliga championship 4 times. When the club's history, we examined domestic success is seen that a serious post-1967. if before that date it does not have any Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich. the success obtained in the Bundesliga so obtained 17 victories in the German Cup is also one of the most important achievements add prestige to the prestige of the club.

FC Bayern Munich, was founded in 1900 and has reached the first national championship in 1932. Founded in 1963, could not attend the Bundesliga, Bayern later, Franz Beckenbauer led by capturing an amazing output, both Bundesliga has achieved very good results in the European Champion Clubs' Cup. During this period, he was able to have three consecutive UEFA Champions League, the then known as the Champion Clubs' Cup, winning Real Madrid's 5 consecutive years nearly the only team to break the championship record with Beckenbauer. 5 Champions Bayern Munich where he obtained a total of 3 of the league championship was obtained at that time. During this period form Bayern Munich it is regarded as the most successful period. Bayern Munich, it is history, as well as the maximum final play records as the second team. Bayern Munich, UEFA Champions League, as well as one-time UEFA Cup, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA winning the Super Cup, reaching the happy ending in all organizations that UEFA edit demonstrated a successful graphic as one of the two teams. So much so that this area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester United, have remained far behind teams like Bayern Munich. Continental European Cup winners Bayern on the basis of a total of 8 major, World Club Championship has managed to reach a happy ending 2 times. Especially in the last 16 years, 4 times the final play, showing success in breaking this difficult period that Bayern have a record of being able to experience the joy of champion only once UEFA Champions League. final play in the UEFA Champions League in the 1998/99 and 2011/12 season and he ate the cup last minute goals at these finals has led to dramatic results quite carried away by competitors.

Bayern Munich are among the world's richest 5 club. In 2013 as a club in the world get the most revenue in the history of German football club, the matches are played at the 76,000-seat arena Alliance. Stadium, made by the world famous insurance company Alliance and usage rights are given to Bayern Munich. The world's most glamorous and most modern stadiums seen as one of the campus today is thought to be worth about 400 million euros. Bayern Munich's average annual income ranges from 400 to 550 million euros. The approximate value of the plant shown in Bayern Munich among the world's top 5 infrastructure is estimated to be 300 million euros. Bayern Munich, Benfica is the club's long-established club in Portugal after having the highest number of fans in the world. 251,000 units registered with the fans of Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga matches played almost called a sellout. For 1950 and later made Barcelona the most successful clubs in research and ranks third behind Real Madrid.

There are many world-famous club sponsor; In their beginning, the largest of the world's second largest airline Lufthansa, which is the company. Lufthansa has more than 10 years as the official main sponsor of Bayern Munich took place between Bayern Munich significant revenue. Bayern Munich has been successful with many techies; Ottmar Hitzfeld at the beginning of them, Giovanni Trapattoni, come names like Jupp Heynkes. If you need to specify that the names of the top 15 list of the most successful in Europe, Bayern Munich, one of the few clubs that they want to work is to justify the coach. Bayern Munich, has enabled many players to the stellar while achieving successful results in Europe and the Bundesliga. Indeed, Gerd Müller, Karl Heinz Rummenig to Franz Beckenbauer, Willy Sagnol, Giovane Elber, Mehmet Scholl, Jurgen Klinsmann, Carsten Jancker, Jens Jeremis, Frank Ribery, Arjen Robben, some of their names reputation as Lothar Matteus Bayern owe Munich.

After the first time in 1823 in its present meaning of the first football game now long out of the start played in England, during the 1890s, the British living in fashion these affected without thoroughly enjoyable sport and that lush land of the broad areas of Kadikoy where football to play It began. Monitoring is very pleasant to awaken an interest in this game and the surrounding Turkish youth was quite natural for them to popularize the sport, even inevitable. But what the Muslims because of the monarchy regime while at that time because of the ban on the building society for Turkey or the ones to be a member even if the existing community, who play in Kadikoy meadow British youth was able to accompany again, but the Greek youth. Nevertheless, almost every afternoon Kuşdili football matches held in Meadow or practices, to attract the attention of a large section of Kadikoy people, usually for the football game played, albeit to enjoy the afternoon, from Kalamış, from Moda, and Kuyubaşı'ndan the future heaps of people around Haydarpaşa, depending on day and weather conditions in small or large clusters to watch this game. Most of the people revolted Kadikoy afternoon waters, Fridays and Sundays from the days not so Kurbağalıdere'nin edge of the makeshift theater troupe tuluat Comics Hasan does not play Kuşdili Meadow were put on the right path. In the days to Friday or Sunday, or the fashion right now Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, where they found his way to the pastor of the Meadow. Omuzdaş kılıklı, twisted mustache hairy hairless young, lady beside the boy boy child grandmothers and middle-aged lady, Arabs sisters, ahretlik, master people who are tired of staying cooped up in coffee, where the meadow surrounding, women brought emit rugs, men's cross-legged land, some sizeable he sits on a stone, and some were standing. Crime, ice cream, paper Helvacı the simitçi, the balloonist, Eyüp toy is in short supply all kinds of figuring out where the supplier, this would have made nearly identical throughout the fair.

The area will be in the middle field, burly body and head open, plastered arms of colored shirt, chest and fora, to the kneecaps of the leg shorts procession man gasped raced, bumping bumping into each other under the other top mecelleşirler, as though they would play the ball. Played this from the sample area some youth football, they are eager to play ball, land in or in large meadows in Kadikoy, higgledy-piggledy manner, a Harran is a Gurria is expense, most hit the ball, it was considered connoisseurs raise the air with her. However, after a while, in other words, the closer together the mid 1900s, fashion resident of British young people no longer modern football began to play and hence the football they played in a state submit more is watched them admiringly watched Kadıköy'lü young people in a number of hearts mAlArA causes stir, organized by the desire to have a team like them, was beginning to turn into an indispensable passion.
Kadıköy Football Association

1890s living in Istanbul Fashion British family of La Fontaine , Giraud, Whittall, Charnaud , Pears, Armitage families themselves , this game of Kadıköy and Moda meadow when they start playing recently , living in Ontario and British families , this game in Bornova meadow even if they had already started playing . Because social and administrative ways to Istanbul payitaht remote and comfortable two cities that Thessalonica Izmir , in the 1870s in the soil it finds the first fans to Ottoman football games , soccer games Muslims and the influence of religious belief at that time that develop among Turks , so for the first time on the Muslim Ottoman Empire , and was played by foreign nationals who had settled in the country.

Football in fashion the first meet of the families of embassy staff in Istanbul in the UK to compete with their match officials, including the establishment of a Football Club Smyrne Izmir to Istanbul-Izmir in 1894, began with competition to follow. Football in Ontario under the leadership of James La Fontaine when it moved to Istanbul in 1889 football and rugby mixture of English in Kadikoy saw them play a game and soon established friendship with them the football game he knew better had accepted them. The dates shown in 1897 James La Fontaine and his friends for the first time a football team as Kadıköy Football Association in Kadıköy (Kadıköy Football Association) gathered under the name of British make up the team, Greek, Armenian young people, usually the games they play with sailors from the British expedition to Istanbul to Kadikoy 'reputation continues in the pastures and every evening, we offer a wide range of form in the first part, as he watched the crowd audience. This match has attracted the attention of the public so that this team was directed to a mutually football match in Izmir Mix two years.

Black Socks
Any danger that may come from the oppression of the regime's eye areas of this young sea student Fuat Hüsnü (Goldman), with and Mehmet Resat Danyal Ali from the old hariciyeci leather round shot colleagues that in Kuşdili'nde pastor of the Meadow called the land they intend to end this longing, and in 1899, under an English name in order to avoid attention and escape the cycle of detection kin Black Stocking FC (Black Socks Football Club) 's were drying up. However, black stockings and red top form this form of Turkish youth suffers first Turkish sports and oppression of the detection of the first match in the soccer community and was immediately distributed.

1899: the actual anniversary of Fenerbahce Here the most important thing to Fenerbahce Sports Club, to lead the young people of this first attempt at Black Stocking FC under the name 1899, Kadıköy Football Club, which will be established in the following year (1902) and Liverpool Football Club (1907) of young people gathered under the name of general the same person was going to happen. Thus, it realized the informal organization as Fenerbahce Club in 1899, however its operations due to the closure of two times, but was able to image the anniversary of late 1907. Showing that he is, Black Stocking FC Kadıköy Football Club name, are a tool against goals. It is also examined the list of football clubs established in Istanbul, Fashion Football Club (1896), Cadi-Keuy Football Club (1899) and Imogen (1900) teams by British nationals, Elpis (1900) by the Greeks, Black Stocking (1899) Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray Sports Club Sports Club in which they are established by the Ottoman nationals are already visible.

1907: official founding date

Turkey should not force young people running around in comfortably official ball of the year had come to a situation.

" Lantern " end of history in which they find in the young powered Kadikoy the support , Minister for Foreign Affairs Asim and Server Pasha, the grandson of the London Embassy First Secretary Nuri Bey's son Operations Army and Ziya Bey Pharisee that Major General Alexis Pasha, the son of Ayatollah Bey and famous writers Sami Pasazade Sezai Bey's nephew Enver Necip Bey , Necip Bey Fashion Mills 's team will set up a street as a result of their meeting in solid selamlik house number 3 took the first idea mortar. The necessary money in the rich period which will finance Saint Joseph graduate engineer Nuriza Ziya Bey, the club's founder president of honor of the Imam Bey secretary of the Ottoman Bank officials ( secretary ) task , the Navy officer Necip Bey also were giving the mission captain and accountancy .

with the consensus reached at the same meeting also inspired by the beauty of the neighborhood they live the club's name to be established Fenerbahce will do, emblem of Fenerbahce lantern light hair in the nose, while the colors in the form of spring at Fenerbahce from cute usher daisies jealousy and colors that cleaning symbol that they receive from white to yellow.

Most of the Fenerbahce Management Board, the first team players. The next day, Baker Store the shirt fabric is taken, Lantern emblem given orders for stationery and the period of the so-called Football Federation Presidency has assumed the task of people in a discussion with the James Lafontaine also was taken heeds from her. Now the name of the club to be established, chairman of the selected logo and jerseys, wearing jerseys only issue that remained to be registered that name brought together 11 young people of Turkey. the most important role in this regard St. Joseph School Teacher Turkish Enver Bey was undertaken.


The most popular concept of today's world, football is the most important sport in the run after the mass. Age, gender, race, and he loved everyone, regardless of 7 to 70 from concepts such as religion in the history of this game is based on a so old.

Football is not fully determine exactly where and when it occurs. But in the light of information obtained from archaeological findings, one foot rooted in the history of civilization has emerged as the ball hit the game dates back to the Sumerians. However, in the light of these findings, the soldiers in China in recent years has been found to use this game to 2500'l BC. two soldiers stare directly into the ground in China were occupied in passing the ball from the poles. Of course, the soldiers use to practice this game. At the same time the former Turkish football to the Court that they play the game, which is a very similar game called Tepua-i Lügat'it Turkey, as Baybars Date and Hıtay-i Name is stated quite famous and historical works that enlighten.
Football is played in the ancient Egyptian civilization it emerged . Located human figures playing ball in the murals of this civilization , located in the most obvious indicator of this position. Famous Greek poet Homer's known quite famous " Odissea " was also mentioned in his people playing ball . Greeks in 100 BC in this game in groups of 15 people each , and according to certain rules " Episkyres " They play called .
Soccer -like game played on this date , it has played in primitive form. It formed the basis of modern football being played today and is played by Roman soldiers Harpastum his game is a game inspired by the play Episkyres . The aim of Harpastum considered the foundation of modern football is to send the ball field with ball in hand grabbing or kicking . This game is played to win the battle tactics . Game, understanding the current field has been hosting arrangement itself . Because the future offensive line in the game, worked away behind the support troops and the guards .
football played in different forms in many regions and in ancient history, wherever and began to play in the modern sense of how to play if you played in 12th century England and was quite popular. During these years she loved far gone that competition football is forbidden to play football in the whole country by the king began to disrupt public order. This situation has caused her vilification of the British football has disappeared in love with this game. Later played in Italy and kick the British nobility, meaning to kick Giyoun Del Calcio interest in football, they want to spread in the country has further increased. Italy played in this game is very similar to modern-day football.

Imposed ban football in the country, began to play again in England in 1583, and this time the game has been added to the simple rules. Hardness preventive rules and the referee selection are the basis of these rules. Foul system, then began to be football. These rules are expanded more in 1862 and the teams will take the field with 11 people, the offside rule and handed the prohibition of play has become one of the new rules. In 1857, the first football club was founded and this club, "Sheffield Club" began to name activities. The English Football Association was founded on 1963 and the fruits of modern football is thrown. FAA, established in football carries the distinction of being the first national federations in the world.

Brought Innovations

* In 1871 the keeper's hands holding the ball rule was introduced .

* It began to be used in 1873 for a corner kick .

* Freedom of the ball has been hit with a head in 1875 .

* British Professional Football League began in 1888 .

Is now a professional football league to attain , Europe has led to the rapid spread of this game. increase in the sense of the match played between nations in football , led by FIFA's founding in 1904 . World Cup is quite popular in the world, first by FIFA in 1930. Uruguay has been applied .

The feature scurry after mass football in the world, rather than being loved and being played . Date and place of emergence is not known exactly , the findings lead us to remove mö and professionally in England .